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On 3-4 June, the Georgian Association for Public Opinion Research, the International Republican Institute and Ilia State University jointly organized a two-day political literacy workshop for political party activists and political staffers of the parliament of Georgia that are engaged in data collection, analysis and interpretation. The political literacy workshop aimed at sharing knowledge about best practices of using pre-election polls and other survey research in policy-making.

Political parties mostly depend on findings offered by local polling firms and international nongovernmental organizations that often incur criticism. To avoid mutual accusations, political parties and government agencies need to build and consolidate their own resources for planning and conducting surveys.

The workshop featured presentations by Dr. Rasa Alisauskiene, Director of Baltic Surveys/The Gallup Organization, Prof. Dr. Peter Miller, AAPOR Past President and Prof. Dr. Michael Traugott, AAPOR and WAPOR Past President.

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