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A 2-day media literacy seminar for regional journalists was held on June 24-25 with the support of the Georgian Public Opinion Research Association, the International Republican Institute and Ilia State University.

The aim of the seminar was to impart knowledge to TV and radio journalists about best practices in coverage of pre-election and other types of surveys.

Amid disinformation and political polarization, the professionalism of journalists is critical to gaining the trust of viewers and creating a credible election environment. To this end, it is necessary for TV and radio journalists to develop the necessary skills to qualify for pre-election surveys and exit polls. Participants in the seminar: Voice of Kakheti, Marneuli TV and Radio, Akhaltsikhe 9th Channel, Shida Kartli Information Center, First Channel Telavi Bureau, Kutaisi Today Agency, Dia (Gori) TV, Radio Hereti and Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics .

Among the speakers were Associated Press journalist Sopho Megrelidze and editor Maka Antidze. The seminar was moderated by Fox News political producer Nana Sajaia.

Workshop 1

workshop 2

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