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Georgian Association for Public Opinion Research is a membership-based non-profit
A non-commercial legal entity that operates on the territory of Georgia in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia, the legislation in force in Georgia and this Charter.

Georgian Association for Public Opinion Research was established through the joint efforts of Ilia State University, the Human and Institutional Capacity Building Program (HICD Activity) and with the support of USAID Georgia. The need to establish an association is due to the need to improve the capacity of public opinion and other scientific research in Georgia. The public discussion will discuss the future plans of the Association and the functions that its members intend to fulfill in order to promote accountable and democratic processes.

Georgian Public Opinion Research Association is a professional association, which aims to promote public opinion and other scientific research in accordance with quality and high ethical standards.

To achieve this goal, the Association will methodologically assist researchers in conducting public opinion and other scientific research. The association provides professional development opportunities for its members, including access to rich educational resources. The association will protect the interests of its members, increase public awareness of public opinion polls, and facilitate collaboration between academia, public and private sector representatives.

Mission and Goals

A) to promote public opinion and opinion polls in accordance with high scientific standards and ethics;
B) assist researchers in improving their knowledge of research methods and analysis techniques;
C) to promote the professional standards of researchers;
D) to promote the use of public opinion and opinion polls in democratic policy-making and decision-making;
E) provide information to the public and the media on the importance and limitations of public opinion and opinion polls;
F) Encourage public opinion researchers in Georgia, researchers employed in state structures, university researchers, politicians and the media and civil society
Establishment of trade unions of representatives and their cooperation.

The functions of the association are:

A) organizing professional meetings and conferences;
B) Creating a reference journal of the Association in both Georgian and English languages;
C) data collection, processing and analysis for the publication of scientific publications;
D) creating and maintaining the archives of the Association;
E) educational activities for the professional development of researchers;
F) promoting the development of research practices in accordance with international standards;
G) to protect the freedom of scientific study and research and to promote the development of appropriate legal mechanisms to support such study and research;
H) Development of trade unions between members of the Association and international organizations;
I) Hiring individuals and organizations to perform the functions of the Association. The labor rights and responsibilities of such representatives of the Association shall be determined by a separate agreement;
J) Attracting financial resources and participating in grant competitions for educational, scientific and research activities;
K) Providing scholarships and grant funding for education and training.

Our Team

Executive Board

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